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Goats follow their herder through the boma they call home. Simanjiro Plains, Tanzania.


Gemina’s photography has been published in a variety of works over the last 10 years, including National Geographic Kid's Book of Nature Poetry, National Geographic Student Expeditions catalogues, “Whaling in Faial” by the New Bedford Whaling Museum, and Tufts Veterinary Magazine. Her work has been featured online by National Geographic News, National Geographic Travel, National Geographic Portugal, The Outbound Collective, The Wilderness Society, HuffPost Travel, and Business Insider India, among others. After her year of research and travel during the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, she self-published a book of photojournalism entitled “Once Upon A Watson: A Year’s Journey Into the World.” Gemina’s photographs are on show in a permanent multimedia exhibit on whaling in Faial in the Museu dos Baleeiros in Lajes do Pico, Azores. Her work was shown in the Fall of 2017 at the New Bedford Whaling Museum for the "Azorean Whalemen: A Photographic Retrospective" exhibit. A past recipient of the Rhode Island School of Design Annual Art Award, her work has been shown widely over the years in her home town of Santa Fe, NM. 


Gemina has led several online Explorer Hangouts with classrooms across North America hosted by National Geographic Education and Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants. She has worked as a trip leader and photography teacher for National Geographic Student Expeditions for four summers, leading in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Italy, and Tanzania. In 2016 she was an invited speaker for the Seattle Town Hall lecture series for her project "Everything to Me", which focuses on people experiencing homelessness in Seattle with their pets. Gemina has spoken to several introductory and advanced photography classes at Santa Fe Preparatory School, the Skidmore Photography Club, and lectured as a returning Watson Fellow at Colgate University. She was chosen as the alumni speaker for the 2010 Senior Luncheon at Santa Fe Preparatory School. She was a guest speaker for the “A Ciênca no Bar” lecture series hosted by Observatório do Mar dos Açores in Horta, Faial for her presentation on whale cultures around the world.


Gemina is a contributing author to the REI Co-op Journal, National Geographic Voices, and Voices for Biodiversity. Her work has also been featured on National Geographic Adventure, National Geographic Explorer’s Journal, National Geographic Student Expeditions, UCO Gear, and StrictlyFishWrap blogs. Gemina regularly provides adventure content for The Outbound Collective. She is a contributing author to the book "Funded! How I Leveraged My Passion to Live A Fulfilling Life and How You Can Too" by Lucy Gent Foma. In addition to her writing in “Once Upon A Watson,” Gemina maintained a blog of her travels as a Watson Fellow.


Gemina and her work on Azorean whalers were featured in the 125th Anniversary issue of National Geographic Portugal magazine and National Geographic Explorer's "Explorer Moment of the Week." Her work with people and their pets experiencing homelessness in Seattle has been featured by Real Change News, CityDog Magazine, and the University of Washington Health Sciences NewsBeat, among others. She was highlighted by The Outbound Collective in an "Explorer Spotlight". Her work has been covered by the University of Washington, the Portuguese American Journal, Tufts University, Dive Photo Guide, among others.  


Gemina has worked as a videographer for Putney Student Travel in Tanzania and Spain to collect footage for promotional videos. 


Gemina has been interviewed twice by Boyd Matson, host of National Geographic Weekend, about her project in the Azores as a National Geographic Young Explorer. Interviews aired in the spring of 2012 and the spring of 2013.